Patrick Hierhold

Project Manager

About Mr. Hierhold

  • Independent project manager
  • Mechanical engineering, HTBLA Weiz technical secondary school
  • Experience in agile, hybrid, and conventional project management and in the management of teams
  • Excellent leadership skills and social competence


Fields of activity

  • Project and programme management on demand
  • Consulting for project management
  • Design and implementation of professionalisation measures for project management, project portfolio management, and multi-project controlling
  • Coaching for complex, high-risk projects and programmes
  • Roughly 10 years of experience in the management of and collaboration with teams



  • Cross-border and intercontinental implementation of development projects
  • Implementation of hybrid project management systems with focuses on agile project management and organisational development
  • Strategic planning of product road maps and product life cycle monitoring pertaining to quality and safety
  • Analysis of customer needs, resource and logistics planning, customer-focused approach in product development
  • Process management: continuous adaptation and optimisation of workflows, introduction of SAP ERP in the development process, optimisation of COVID-19 vaccine distribution with focuses on process management and R&D support
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