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A powerful impetus for innovation and change requires flexible structures, interdisciplinary cooperation, and quick decisions. Our project management experts support you in selecting projects in line with your strategy and implementing them successfully to boost your company’s added value.

It’s time to get some peace of mind.

Developments that spiral out of control. Tasks that make your inbox overflow. Schedules that seem impossible to stick to.
Enough already! It’s time to take back the reins. How? With knowledge, experience, and a practical system.
With PMCC, you always have your goal squarely in focus. And you move towards it step by step.

PMCC Consulting supports you in all matters related to your project management with exactly what you need. Quickly, flexibly, and economically.
Allowing you to regain control of your project operations.

Situational project management instead of one size fits all.

Imagine what it would be like if all projects were the same. If they always followed the same patterns and procedures.
Instead, the world of projects is rich and varied, and no two projects are alike. This broad spectrum of tasks can’t be addressed with standard solutions – to ensure success on a long-term basis, it takes top-level project management with an eye to the future.

Project management consulting

High-quality solutions for your single project and portfolio management. Precise, solution-oriented, and enduring. With an implementation guarantee.

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Project management training

Tailored training for your project management pros: analogue and digital; traditional, agile, or hybrid. We’ll get your project staff up to speed.

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Project management coaching

Whether for managers or project managers, for a single project or a whole team, as a supplement to your training or as a targeted one-time intervention, coaching always pays off.

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Project management on demand

We provide operational support for your projects and programmes, handle your crisis projects, or head up your project management office. Flexible, efficient, and effective.

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Project management consulting

How can professional project management contribute towards ensuring efficient project completion despite tight budgets and limited resources, and towards optimising value creation throughout the company? We assist you in implementing and professionalising both traditional and agile project management concepts sustainably and effectively, and also assume responsibility for their implementation.

For companies

Do the right projects: We improve the performance of your project operations so that you better achieve your business objectives.

  • Professionalisation of project management
  • Conception and implementation of traditional, agile, and hybrid PM standards
  • Project portfolio management – multi-project management
  • Establishment and further development of a project management office
  • Career paths in PM
  • Development of project-oriented organisations
  • Selection and implementation of project management software

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For projects

Do projects right: We work with you to bring your project management up to date and show you methods that move you forward.

  • Project audits
  • Change management

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Project management certification partner

We are an Authorized Training Partner of the Project Management Institute PMI®, a training cooperation partner of IPMA®/pma, and help candidates prepare for certifications from

Project management training

Complex tasks, dynamic markets, the rapid advancement of technology, and customers who expect a high degree of professionalism. No problem for your project staff! Our target group-specific training modules are tailored to your company’s unique situation and focus on the specific priorities that are relevant for you. We can also work with you to design integrated personnel development programmes – as part of your company’s human resource strategy or in conjunction with external IPMA®|pma, Project Management Institute PMI®, or certification.

PMCC project management training and further education

Tailored, target group-specific training for your project pros: from hard facts to soft skills; analogue and digital; traditional, agile, or hybrid. We’ll get your project staff up to speed.

  • Project management training courses
  • Agile management training courses
  • Social competence training courses
  • Preparation for IPMA|pma, PMI®, and certification

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PMCC training formats

Knowledge that works. Training courses that ensure the direct transfer of practical skills and create added value for organisations and employees on a lasting basis equally require intelligent didactic methodological concepts and new, effective forms of learning as well as trainers who have extensive knowledge and years of experience. In the world of PMCC training, forward-looking learning processes are incorporated into effective and innovative learning arrangements that integrate formal training and informal learning and link individual and organisational learning situations.

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PMCC Academy

Tailored training. The world of PMCC Academy training offers you the ideal combination of training options for the management of projects, processes, and organisations and focuses on content that truly moves you forward. The individual formula – for you personally, for rising stars in your organisation, or when the critical group size for in-house training is not reached. Get inspired by the PMCC Academy programme – for your made-to-measure in-house qualification programme and more!

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Tailored project management training.

Get inspired by our PMCC Academy programme for your made-to-measure in-house qualification programme.
For us, it is a matter of course that we tailor each seminar to your exact needs, fit it into your company-specific context, and take account of industry-specific procedures.

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Project management coaching

While training courses are designed to convey knowledge and build and enhance skills, coaching offers the ideal setting for developing competences: reflecting on behaviour, building new skills, and putting theory into practice in your own project activities. We view coaching as an individual or project-specific, interactive consulting and support process for objectives in a professional and particularly in a project-related context. In the context of projects and programmes, the following coaching settings (variants) have proven to be constructive on a long-term basis:

Project coaching

The coach as an expert

Working through specific issues as a team or in a one-on-one setting and technical support for projects and programmes

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Team coaching

The coach as a facilitator

Moderation of a group process among several project managers for mutual support and learning (Ask the Expert, Peer Group Coaching, Review Workshops and more)

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Business coaching

The coach as a partner for reflection

Working through a wide range of issues from the project management context in a one-on-one setting

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Everything is agile – so all is well?

Agile methods aren’t supposed to compete with traditional project management, since it’s the hybrid and integrated project management approaches in particular that can create tremendous added value. “One size fits all” isn’t even true when it comes to socks. So how can anyone expect there to be a single, universally applicable concept for projects?

Traditional project management

Manage a project’s inherent technical and social complexity: Using the project management methods and techniques, you will develop the ability to launch projects effectively, manage them efficiently, and complete them successfully. Rather than focusing on foreordained and bureaucratic approaches to planning, our emphasis fosters a situational use of project management that is commensurate with the project’s complexity.

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Agile project management – Scrum

Agility is based on values, methods, and techniques, and guarantees more rapid success. Scrum, arguably the most popular agile process model for projects, has become well established, particularly in project environments with fluid requirements or requirements that are still being defined. Learn more about how and where Scrum can be used and prepare for your role as a scrum master or product owner.

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Hybrid project management

Who says you have to choose one and abandon the other? Why not take the best of both worlds? Why not use agile methods to increase flexibility and customer orientation without sacrificing the big project picture that a traditional project management approach offers? Find out more about hybrid approaches, how to use agile techniques in a traditional environment, and how to integrate Scrum into a traditional project structure.

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Project management on demand

When capacity peaks require rapidly available expertise, when the need for external competence arises, or when time is a critical factor: You can count on our specialists to cover resource bottlenecks flexibly, or conveniently bring in external expertise for atypical tasks in your company. Highly qualified, immediately available, and tailored to your unique needs.

Projects and programmes

Fast integration times and high solution expertise for

  • Project and programme management on demand
  • Project or programme assistance on demand
  • Handling crisis projects
  • Change management on demand
  • Risk and claim management
  • Project and programme marketing on demand

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Professional competence and valuable specialist expertise for

  • Establishment and temporary supervision of PMOs
  • Supervision of PM professionalisation measures

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