PMCC Consulting triggers action.

If you have the right things in mind, you can also take the right action.
Get started. Be effective.

What we can do for you can be explained in three words: Think. Create. Perform. Think – We develop tailored ideas for organisations, projects, and processes. Create – We work with you to come up with pragmatic consulting, training, and coaching concepts. Perform – We implement these ideas and concepts in your organisation on a lasting basis. Three words, one promise. Because the world is complicated enough. Let’s make things easy again. Let’s get going! It’s time to clean up.

Project management

A powerful impetus for innovation and change requires flexible structures, interdisciplinary cooperation, and quick decisions. Our project management professionals support you in selecting projects in line with your strategy and implementing them efficiently to boost your company’s added value.

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Process management

Strategically aligning business processes with customer expectations and systematically integrating changes are crucial to becoming more flexible, powerful, results-oriented, and customer-focused as a company. Our team of experts understands the potential for success in your processes and will work with you to lay the groundwork for high-quality performance.

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Organisational development

Successful companies and organisations are capable of adapting to new conditions, new environmental influences, and new internal and external requirements at any time. Our experienced experts guide you through this structural and cultural transition – from analysing your organisation to implementing an agile transformation.

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Your process and project management expert for clear, pragmatic, and easy-to-implement solutions.

It’s time to get a plan.

Developments that spiral out of control. Tasks that make your inbox overflow. Schedules that seem impossible to stick to. Enough already! It’s time to take back your stolen hours and energy. Let’s fill them with efficient solutions. Let’s get going!

PMCC Consulting is a recognised specialist and full-service provider for managing projects, processes, and organisations. Since 2008, we’ve been providing companies top quality, easy-to-implement solutions in the fields of consulting, training, coaching, and management on demand.

Your satisfaction is the benchmark for everything we do

We hold ourselves to high quality standards for your benefit. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

PMCC has been supporting our company with strategy development processes and in the professionalisation of our corporate structures for over 15 years. We were impressed by the pinpoint-accurate recognition of problems from the very start. PMCC knows how to identify and make the right adjustments. The entire PMCC team has always set themselves apart with the highest level of expertise in the various specialist topics.

— Reinhard Wagner, member of management, pro medico GmbH

The workshops with PMCC are always a highlight. With its broad range of experience and highly results-oriented approach, PMCC always manages to provide specific solutions for our everyday work and help us implement them on a lasting basis at the end of the workshops. I can’t wait for the next one!

— Torsten Rambusch, head of Technical Solutions & Services, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

PMCC’s consultants are extremely well-versed, prudent, experienced, structured, and empathetic “partners” for challenging projects. They have the gift of captivating their audience and moderating in a targeted and results-oriented manner. Extremely valuable consultants!

— Bernhard Riegler, chief operating officer, voestalpine Böhler Welding

Process and project management consulting for your company – the perfect solution

With professional business consulting, you don’t leave anything up to chance!

Stay competitive as a company on a permanent basis. Retain your market leadership and profitability in volatile conditions. Identify and implement reliable strategies. Plan, organise, and manage new projects and existing processes more efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, you have to ask the right questions. Define the right goals. Use the right tools. And work with the right consulting firm.

Turn vision into success with PMCC Consulting. We work with you to develop reliable strategies for the big picture. We identify tailored solutions for your operational excellence and guide companies through their agile transformation.

Do the right things the right way with PMCC Consulting. With us as your project management consulting firm, you have a solid handle on your project operations – from the strategy-compliant selection of the (right) projects to the (proper) implementation of adequate structures, processes, and roles.

With PMCC Consulting, you ensure that your competitive advantage isn’t left to chance. Process management consulting brings your process management into top form and provides transparency in complex workflows, takes your company from a functional to a process-oriented organisation, and leads the way into the digital transformation.

A strong team

Consulting success that is on point. Our consulting pros provide their know-how; specialised knowledge; methodological, social, and change expertise; and years of international consulting and training experience directly to your company. When you need a competent outside perspective. When you’re looking for pragmatic and practice-oriented solutions. When it’s important to have a strong partnership from the launch of effective measures to the anchoring of lasting results. Professional support for project management, process management, and the management of organisations. So that you can better achieve your goals.


PMCC Academy: getting ahead with further training

Is one tiny mistake erupting into a wildfire? There’s an emergency in the project – who’s going to be the fire brigade? Everyone turns into a hothead under stress – how can you keep your cool? It’s time to stop putting out fires. How? With the brand-new PMCC Academy programme.

The PMCC Academy offers you the ideal combination of training options. Whether for the management of projects, processes, or organisations, from hard facts to soft skills, traditional, agile, or hybrid, individual seminars and learning journeys, both analogue and digital. Targeted content that actually helps you get ahead and input that gives everything you do a powerful push towards success. Inform yourself today and take a giant step forward.

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