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Don’t leave your competitive advantage to chance.

Strategically aligning business processes with customer expectations and systematically integrating changes are crucial to becoming more agile, powerful, results-oriented, and customer-focused as a company. Our team of experts understands the potential for success in your processes and will work with you to lay the groundwork for high-quality performance.

It’s time to get a plan.

All roads may lead to Rome, but very few do so efficiently. Enough already! It’s time to do away with aimlessness. How? With knowledge, experience, and a practical system. So that you always know exactly where you stand. Practice-oriented, scientifically sound, and goal-driven, we help you get the lay of the land in your processes.

PMCC Consulting supports you in all matters related to your process management with exactly what you need. Quickly, flexibly, and economically.  Giving you back control over your process environment.

Situational project management instead of one size fits all.

Process-oriented organisations transcend isolated, function-oriented task allocation, thinking instead in terms of value chains and positioning processes to be interdepartmental activities that are at the centre of management’s attention. As a result, they safeguard their core business while ensuring continuous optimisation of their processes when it comes to quality, lead times, and costs. Good process management reflects a continuous improvement process and thrives both on the commitment of everyone involved and on the ambition to become better and better.

Process management consulting

High-quality solutions for everything from identifying processes to designing process-oriented organisations. Precise, solution-oriented, and enduring. With an implementation guarantee.

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Process management training

Tailored training for your process management pros: analogue and digital; traditional or agile. We’ll get your process managers up to speed

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Whether you are a process team member or process expert, an individual manager or an entire team, as a supplement to your training or a targeted one-time intervention, coaching always pays off.

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Process management in the age of digitalisation

The digital revolution is on everyone’s lips, or as Wladimir Klitschko put it, “If you don’t digitalise, you’ll be knocked out”. But what does digital innovation actually mean for organisations and processes, and what challenges does it pose?

It’s crucial not to allow digitalisation to follow technology’s lead or be driven by technology. Instead, customer benefit should always be the driving force behind digital transformation. Only on the basis of this pivotal strategic component can new digital offers and products be created, and existing processes simplified and optimised through digital solutions – making work more efficient. To achieve this, process management also needs to be agile enough to adapt to shifting environmental conditions and new techniques.

Digitalisation-driven process management is thus based on the following steps:

  • Identify the key processes
  • Perform an analysis and evaluation of these processes in terms of digitalisation potential and need
  • Select processes for digitalisation
  • Identify the current state of these processes
  • Develop or redesign these processes
  • Implement the digitalised processes
  • Control and refine the digitalised processes

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Process management consulting

Satisfying customer requirements with the highest quality, incorporating changes systematically, increasing responsiveness, and improving workflows for optimum cost-effectiveness are crucial factors for success in a dynamic market environment. To achieve this, cross-functional transparency has to be incorporated into established work processes, complexities need to be reduced, and potential efficiency improvements identified. Our consultants know that the ongoing analysis and optimisation of existing structures harbours a great deal of success potential, and can help transform your company from a functional organisation into a process-oriented organisation.

For companies

Laying the foundation for continuous improvement: We optimise the performance of your process environment so that you can achieve your business objectives.

  • Professionalisation of process management
  • Establishment and further development of process-oriented organisations
  • Development of process management standards and guidelines
  • Creation of process maps
  • Anchoring of process organisations
  • Establishment and further development of a process management office
  • Selection and implementation of process management software
  • Change management
  • Career paths in process management

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For processes

Put continuous improvement into practice: We will work with you to bring your processes up to date and show you methods that move you forward.

  • Support for process analysis
  • Identification of process maturity
  • Making processes digital
  • Agile process optimisation & development
  • Process life cycle – identification, optimisation, and implementation of processes
  • Definition of benchmarks and process KPIs

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training and consulting days every year


countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world


We work with companies with between 15 and 250.000 employees

Process management training

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, global competitive pressure, and the escalating complexity of business models: Our working world is immersed in radical change that doesn’t stop at process management. Process managers are increasingly becoming the central hub for boosting corporate effectiveness, eliminating inefficiencies, tapping the potential for optimisation, and thus making organisations more flexible, effective, transparent, results-oriented, and customer-focused. Process management training programmes that are tailored to the specific target group and company context and are aimed at addressing selective priorities or embedded in company-wide personnel concepts linked to an external certification by TÜV Austria help to achieve this.

PMCC process management training and further education

Tailored, target group-specific training for your process management pros: from hard facts to soft skills; analogue and digital; traditional, agile, or hybrid. We’ll get your process staff up to speed.

  • Process management training courses
  • Agile management training courses
  • Social competence training courses
  • Preparation for TÜV Austria certification

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PMCC training formats

Knowledge that works. Training courses that ensure the direct transfer of practical skills and create added value for organisations and employees on a lasting basis equally require intelligent didactic methodological concepts and new, effective forms of learning as well as trainers who have extensive knowledge and years of experience. In the world of PMCC training, forward-looking learning processes are incorporated into effective and innovative learning arrangements that integrate formal training and informal learning and link individual and organisational learning situations.

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PMCC Academy

Tailored training. The world of PMCC Academy training offers you the ideal combination of training options for the management of projects, processes, and organisations and focuses on content that truly moves you forward. The individual formula – for you personally, for rising stars in your organisation, or when the critical group size for in-house training is not reached. Get inspired by the PMCC Academy programme – for your made-to-measure in-house qualification programme and more!

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Tailored process management training.

Get inspired by our PMCC Academy programme for your made-to-measure in-house qualification programme.
For us, it is a matter of course that we tailor each seminar to your exact needs, fit it into your company-specific context, and take account of industry-specific procedures.

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While training courses are designed to convey knowledge and build and enhance skills, coaching offers the ideal setting for developing competences: reflecting on behaviour, building new skills, and putting theory into practice in your own business activities. We view coaching as an individual, interactive consulting and support process for objectives in a professional  context. In the context of process management, the following coaching settings (variants) have proven to be constructive on a long-term basis

Team coaching

The coach as a facilitator

Moderation of a group process among several process managers for mutual support and learning (Ask the Expert, Peer Group Coaching, Review Workshops and more)

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Business coaching

The coach as a partner for reflection

Working through a wide range of issues from the business context in a one-on-one setting

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Do your processes need support now?

  • Do you want to actively shape change and appropriately manage your processes for this unknown future?
  • Do you want to harness your innovative strength and profitability and motivate your employees to strive for professional excellence?
  • Do you want to become more agile, more effective, more transparent, more results-oriented, and more customer-oriented?
  • Do you want to know where you stand and take control of your processes (again)?
  • Are you an HR or process manager who needs tailored process management training for your staff?

With our PMCC process management consulting, we have the right solution for (almost) every problem and can certainly help with your specific challenge!

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