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Increasing your edge

project handbook is designed as a tool for project managers and supports uniform project planning and documentation in your company. It makes planning and controlling projects extremely easy and comes with a large number of features that will make project coordination and communication a lot easier – allowing you to fully concentrate on monitoring your projects. The handbook’s integrated view of all relevant project management methods will help you to establish a uniform PM guideline in your company and enable you to consolidate and evaluate your projects.

project handbook
  • makes it easier for project managers to perform the operations needed to plan and manage their projects,
  • enables clients and customers to gain a professional overview of a project’s performance and
  • enables everybody involved in the project to gain an overview of the project’s mutually agreed schedule.

Our approach

The project handbook will help you with your PM planning and includes all of the relevant PM methods for scope, schedule, resource and cost planning, as well project organisation, project context and risk analyses.

It comes with a planning sheet into which data can be centrally entered and from which all other PM plans can then be automatically generated. The project handbook has a very simple and intuitive structure and is easy to use.

project handbook comes with uniform project charter, project performance report and project closing reports for your PM processes and allows you to manage your PM meetings directly inside the handbook.


A tool for all PM methods and processes

Project planning
project handbook contains all conventional project plans and provides you with the essentials for integrated PM planning. The handbook’s flexible range of methods assures that you can adapt the tools you use to the complexity of your project.

Project controlling
The handbook includes a great range of features, such as allowing you to directly edit the Work Breakdown Structure and recording actual project data by importing work packages, for pragmatic and efficient project controlling.
The project status report allows you to transparently summarise the project’s progress on a single page and to signal its status using a RAG rating system.

Project coordination
The tool comes with reports, a central To-Do and a decision list that can be used throughout the project for coordinating and recording your PM meetings.  Strategic decisions and measures can furthermore be directly inserted into the performance report from these lists by the press of a button.

Project closing
The handbook will enable you to analyse your projects with the aid of your project closing report. This report form will automatically compare your planning data with the project’s results and enable you to evaluate the project’s objectives and Lessons Learned, as well as to define the remaining tasks.

Modular structure
The project handbook can also be expanded by adding on various modules. These add-ons can all be easily activated with a product license key. We are furthermore constantly further refining the handbook’s add-on modules, including in collaboration with our customers. These add-ons include:
  • Programme management functions
  • Change Request management
  • SharePoint connection
  • Time Sheet
  • Milestone Trend Analysis
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Project Selection Analysis

Module: program-management

The challenges companies face are getting more and more complex. Consequently, more than one single project is required to manage these tasks. Therefore program management is needed– but easier said than done as hardly any tool supports this complex task.

The project handbook supports the implementation of your projects into a program handbook via an easy to handle program management module. Moreover, the module provides an overview of the main project, its state of scope and schedule and its resource and costs situation. The module also helps you to plan and visualise your program organisation.

Module: change management

Projects often involve changes. These changes can be various – additions or alterations of the project content or processes as well as modified cost plans or agendas are only some of them.

The module “change management” helps to make these changes transparent and manageable by providing a change request and a list of changes. The change request is saved in systematic versions and contains a detailed description of the change and its consequences.

The consequences can be entered in terms of money or time and can be completed by detailed descriptions. The decision itself and its date are implemented as well as a task-list and a section for signatures.

Every created change request is automatically synchronized to the change list with its main data. This generates a permanent overview according to the chronological listing.

Your gain

  • High user acceptance
    The transparent structure, intuitive operation and user guide ensure high user acceptance and only require minimal training.
  • Reduces the workload involved in project management
    Having nearly all project information integrated in a single utility - project handbook - plus the handbook’s automatic generation of PM plans and transparent visualisation options, reduce the workloads involved in project management and mean that you will not need any additional PM software.
  • Uniform project planning
    The project handbook can be easily adapted to companies’ individual requirements and supports companies with the practical application of their specific project management approach.
  • Easy to install
    The project handbook is MS Excel-based and therefore does not require any additional software to be installed. Using the tool can be learned in as little as a day and it requires minimal installation time.
  • Universally applicable
    The tool’s standard edition comes with interfaces to MS Project and project portfolio. The XML import and export function furthermore makes it easy to set up additional interfaces (e.g. to ERP systems, …) when customising the tool. 
  • Support-module
    The support of our clients is important to us. We therefore offer three support packages: small – 4h, medium – 8h and large - 16h. The purchase of a tool licence and the signing of a support contract involve a 30 minute introduction to the tool via telephone or online. We gladly support you in all your user questions via telephone, e-mail or Teamviewer-sessions.


project handbook implementation