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Lay the foundation!

Putting first things first
We want to equip your staff with the exact know-how they need. Because, that is really all there is to strategic human resource development and corporate training. And that pretty much encapsulates our mission when it comes to training.

Human resource development – a success factor
The aim of strategic human resource development is to provide the right people with the right qualifications to enable them to maximise their effectiveness in their respective roles. Working from this premise, we develop tailor-made training concepts in collaboration with you that take into account both your corporate culture and the trainees’ previous experience, verifiably improve your employee’s qualifications, promote their professional development and strengthen their identification with their roles and the company itself.

Custom-designed, role-specific, practical

Our training packages are designed to meet your needs. We can put together target-group specific project and process management training packages that focus on specific key aspects or for use as part of in-house qualification schemes, embedded in company-wide human resource development concepts, or training modules that directly link in with external certification schemes such as IPMA®, PMI® or TÜV Austria.
PMI is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

The aim of all of our training programs is to increase individual competence and our role-specific qualification concepts are designed to do just that: They systematically boost the strengths and develop the potentials that your personnel needs in their roles as project and process managers, clients, team members and executives. 

Our methodical-didactic concept ensures direct and sustainable knowledge transfer as your personnel deepen their understanding of the training course contents by applying them to concrete projects from their particular professional fields, explore them through in-depth discussions and reflection, after having gained a solid understanding of their theoretical background.

Creating the right chemistry: A synthesis of social and professional competence
Topics such as leadership, team development, communication and conflict management are extremely important to project and process managers. However, social competence is just as important as the classical qualifications concerning methodological and process-related competence, which is why we have also dedicated a separate module to addressing it. This is because it is precisely these soft skills that are some of the most important determinants of successful teamwork and the ability to take on positions of leadership.

Good advice isn’t expensive, it pays for itself over the long term

Professional expertise and process support
Human resource development measures are not the same as organisational development measures. The latter are aimed at the organisation itself, the former at the people who make up that organisation. Even though this distinction seems obvious on the surface, it is not always that easy to keep these two processes separate in real life.

Part of our consulting services includes shining a torch on your company and helping you to bring it into (top) shape. This involves developing a set of framework conditions together with you that will enable you to implement organisational and strategic development measures and to professionalise your project and process management.

And, as it is simply not possible to implement organisational measures and expect them to be effective in the long-term if those involved fail to translate them, we employ special implementation concepts and training programs to ensure that both your organisation and your personnel develop in equal measure and at an equal pace.

Pragmatic and implementable approaches

To us, consulting means developing goal-oriented solutions for our customers on the strength of our practical experience and specialist expertise in project and process-oriented organisation management. The aim of our proven consulting approach, which is largely built on active customer participation, is to reduce problem-solving time and generate immediate benefits for you.



Effectively augment yor skills

Maintain your ability to act
Even the most experienced managers now and then struggle with the demands of a situation. Are unable to see the wood for the trees and struggle with what they perceive as the only solution to a problem, even though there may be others. These are the situations where professional coaching comes into its own.

Coaching is an innovative personnel development method and a perfect complement to your professional training, will introduce you to new and different perspectives and help you to employ your competencies to even greater effect.

When drawn on in a crisis, coaching is a rapid, unbureaucratic and professional method of receiving support in the development and implementation of a crisis management process.

A totally personal matter
To us, coaching means providing individual or project-specific support to help people and companies overcome problems and face new challenges. Our approach is based on facilitating collaboration and creating value, and is designed to effectively mobilise your resources and problem solving abilities. It’s a process during which we will strengthen and develop your competencies - enabling you to reach your goals better and faster.




Management on demand
Real-time support

Flexible solutions
Interim managers can help bridge resource bottlenecks, can bring in specialist expertise that you may need that very moment and may also be just what you need in a crisis.  Our interim mangers are thoroughly familiar with your problems, have already successfully overcome several similar ones and will leave you to get on with it (only) once they have done their job: Simple, straightforward and cost effective.

Tailor-made for your company

Management on demand is more than just providing resources. Management on demand is an independent profession populated by highly entrepreneurial, flexible and solution-oriented actors who will support you on site. Interim managers distinguish themselves through their specialist expertise in project and process management as well as a high level of social competence. They have years of practical experience, are highly competent in their field and work with the latest software solutions and in accordance with recognised international standards. This means that you are guaranteed to immediately have external specialist know-how at your fingertips without having to provide any training - and all of it available at transparent costs.